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Taylor of Old Bond Street

Taylor Products Available
Taylor Aftershave Cream 75g £10.95
Taylor Almond 150g £6.95
Taylor Almond Cream 75g £5.95
Taylor Alum Block £6.95
Taylor Avocado 150g £6.95
Taylor Avocado Cream 75g £5.95
Taylor Eton College 150g £6.95
Taylor Eton College Cream 75g £5.95
Taylor Herbal Pre Shave Gel 30ml £10.95
Taylor Hypo Allergenic 150g £8.95
Taylor Ivory Moustache Comb £9.75
Taylor Lavender 150g £6.95
Taylor Lavender Cream 75g £5.95
Taylor Lavender Shaving Soap Refill £6.50
Taylor Lemon and Lime Cream 75g £5.95
Taylor Mr Taylor Cream 75g £5.95
Taylor Mr Taylors Moustache Wax 15ml £5.95
Taylor Mr Taylors Shaving Cream 150g £6.95
Taylor Pre Shave Oil 30ml £8.95
Taylor Rose Cream 75g £5.95
Taylor Sandalwood 150g £6.95
Taylor Sandalwood Aftershave Gel 75g £10.95
Taylor Sandalwood Cologne 100ml £15.95
Taylor Sandalwood Cream 75g £5.95
Taylor Sandalwood Shaving Stick 75ml £5.95
Taylor Sandlewood Shaving Soap 100g £12.95
Taylor Shaving Gel 100ml £5.95
Taylor Shaving Gel for brush 100ml £5.95
Taylor Shaving Shop 150g £6.95
Taylor Shaving Shop Cream 75g £5.95
Taylor St James 150g £6.95
Taylor St James Cream 75g £5.95
Taylor St James Shaving Stick 75ml £5.95
Taylor Styptic Pencil £2.95