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Badger hair shaving brush
Thiers Issard Walnut Razor Dovo Progress Safety Razor Cyril R. Salter Shaving Cream

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Style & Grooming is the essential male grooming, shaving, skin care and hair care site for men with the finest quality mens grooming brands. If you are looking for Cufflinks then check out Cufflinks World has a huge selction for men.

Brand History pages :-

Cyril R Salter, Dovo Steelware, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Thiers-Issard, R. A. Rooney, Truefitt & Hill and Tabac Original

Group Product pages :-

Badger Hair Shaving Brushes, Shaving Cream, Shaving Straight Razor, Safety Shaving Razors, Straight Razor Strops, Mach3 Shaving Razors, Moustache Shaving Razors, Shaving Sets, Hair Brushes, Body & Hair Tonics Lotions & Shampoos, Aftershaves & Colognes, Shower Brushes, Bath Brush, Nail Brushes, Manicure Sets and many more.